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Alfaparf Pure Pigments

EUR 5.50

Alfaparf Pure Pigments are ultra-concentrated colour pigments which can be mixed with a variety of products, to revive and keep both natural and cosmetic colour vibrant and bright between colour services with an incredible boost of shine. Create a tailor-made pigmented treatment at home by mixing your choice of pigments with your shampoo (shake well) or/and mask (stir well). Gloves are not required since the treatment does not stain anything (hands or towels). If used every time you wash hair, you can maintain the healthy appearance of your hair and keep an incredible hair colour.

We mix them into your favourite Shampoo, conditioner or mask for a perscription look.  Also to Keep your blonde fresh and clean or your reds Red. 

Would you like the pigments added to the Shampoo, conditioner or mask? Mask

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